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                春节限定大红果赛森即将上市 Ganbei! Try New Beer Hawthorn Saison at Beersmith



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                Chinese New Year is almost here, which means time for toasting with friends, family and colleagues to a lucky Year of the Rat ahead. To help you stay extra lucky, we’re releasing Hawthorn Saison on January 21 at Beersmith. This tart saison has a malty flavour that’s brightened up by the addition of Hawthorn, the sweet snack you’ll find all over the streets of Beijing. Brewed with special Belgian yeast, the Hawthorn Saison has a hint of fruitiness and subtle peppery notes.

                新年喝新酒 就在鲜啤吧

                Cheers at Beersmith

                预订电话 Reservations 010 - 8647 1098

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